Don't call it a fight when you know it's a war

Elvendork, it's unisex!

I'm emotionally invested in the Marauders Era and I'm quite fond of the Founders. The adventures I enjoy are usually of a literary nature.
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Poet-Themed Questions

Dante:  Where would you go for an epic adventure?
William Shakespeare:  Favorite thing about language or writing?
Robert Burns:  What part of your home are you most proud of?
William Blake:  Are you religious? Spiritual? Atheist? Agnostic?
Alfred Tennyson:  Who is your hero?
Elizabeth Barrett Browning:  What would your dream love be like?
John Keats:  What inspires you?
Edgar Allan Poe:  What do you have nightmares about?
Walt Whitman:  Where is your favorite place to be outdoors?
Dorothy Parker:  Favorite way to jazz things up?
Robert Frost:  How do you comfort yourself when you're down?
Sylvia Plath:  What do you hope to achieve in your lifetime?
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It’s time for me to move on

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"Mr. Moony presents his compliments to Professor Snape and begs him to keep his abnormally large nose out of other people’s business…" can we please talk about the fact that Moony was literally around the corner while the map was insulting Snape. And he 99.99999% knew it was going to happen and he probably laughed himself to sleep that night and whispered a thank you to James, Sirius, and Peter for thinking to put that wonderful little defense mechanism in.

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Sherlock: I’ve dealt with murderers, psychopaths, terrorists, serial killers. None of them can turn my stomach, like Charles Augustus Magnussen.

Moriarty: *rises from grave* exCUSE YOU BITCH

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james potter + character tropes - part 2 of 2

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Anonymous pondered: are you going to do another botm?

You know I’m not actually sure. I was going to, but to be honest I’m quite stressed at the moment and I don’t want to say yes if I’m not actually going to get around to doing it. 

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Get to Know Me Meme {1/10} Female Characters

Lily Evans

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[p. 83]

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marauders + name meanings for x | [insp]
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Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know (Split)

The left ear is the original version while the right ear is an acoustic version of the song which I found here. Make sure you use headphones!

For more songs or audio edits by me click here.

For a download link click here.

This is fucking perfect omfgsjsn

i think i just peed the moment he started singing

I need a shower after hearing this

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And come November first, 1981 the wizarding world was either celebrating the defeat of the dark lord, or morning the deaths of Lily and James Potter.

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I will if you go out with me, Evans

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Sirius smirked. “It means that you had better adjust to the four of us fucking things up, because when you marry Prongs, you’re stuck with us. We’re sort of a collection—only come as the set, you know.”

Lily couldn’t help but laugh. “That’s very nice, Black, but I have no intention of marrying James.”

This detail failed to concern Sirius. “Sure, Ginger. Give it a year, yeah?”

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Is it just me or does this scream James Potter?

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